Best answer: How do portable fire extinguishers stop a fire Select all that apply?

How do portable fire extinguisher stop a fire?

Portable fire extinguishers function by releasing an extinguishing agent intended to cool the fuel, remove or displace the oxygen, or stop the chemical reaction. Fire extinguishers can put out or control a fire until help arrives.

How do portable fire extinguishers stop a fire quizlet?

It works by smothering and cooling. Name the 6 basic elements of a fire extinguisher.

How do you use a portable fire extinguisher?

When using an extinguisher, use the PASS system – Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep.

  1. Pull the pin on the extinguisher.
  2. Aim the extinguisher.
  3. Squeeze the trigger or top handle.
  4. Sweep the fire area with the extinguisher’s spray until the fire is completely out.

What are the four methods that portable fire extinguishers use to extinguish fire?

The acronym PASS is used to describe these four basic steps.

  • Pull (Pin) Pull pin at the top of the extinguisher, breaking the seal. …
  • Aim. Approach the fire standing at a safe distance. …
  • Squeeze. Squeeze the handles together to discharge the extinguishing agent inside. …
  • Sweep.
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How do you stop a fire?

Instead, follow these steps:

  1. Spread out the logs and embers to help cool the fire quickly.
  2. Cover the logs and embers with ashes from the bottom of the fireplace.
  3. Cover the logs and embers with sand or baking soda to ensure any smoldering embers are completely extinguished.

What are the two primary functions of a portable fire extinguisher?

fire extinguisher, portable or movable apparatus used to put out a small fire by directing onto it a substance that cools the burning material, deprives the flame of oxygen, or interferes with the chemical reactions occurring in the flame.

What factors should be considered when selecting a portable fire extinguisher?

When selecting an extinguisher, some important factors to consider include: Extinguishers intended for certain types of hazards may not be effective against fires of a different hazard class. For example, extinguishers rated BC will not be able to control a Class A fire.

How are portable fire extinguishers classified?

Portable fire extinguishers are classified to indicate their ability to handle specific classes and sizes of fires. … Class A extinguishers are used on fires involving ordinary combustibles, such as wood, cloth, and paper. Class B extinguishers are used on fires involving liquids, greases, and gases.

What is stop drop and roll used for?

“Stop, drop, and roll” is used when clothing catches fire. Teach students to stay away from fire.

What is portable fire fighting equipment?

Portable fire extinguishers are able to control or extinguish small fires, preventing them from developing into big ones before Fire & Rescue Service arrive. Portable fire extinguishers are valuable in the early stages of fire because of their portability, immediate availability and easy use by one person.

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Which type of fires should you fight with a portable fire extinguisher quizlet?

~Wet chemical systems and portable fire extinguishers are used to to control and extinguish Class K fires.

Which type of fires should you fight with a portable fire extinguisher OSHA?

The employer shall distribute portable fire extinguishers for use by employees on Class B fires so that the travel distance from the Class B hazard area to any extinguisher is 50 feet (15.2 m) or less.