Do firefighters use an axe?

The most common striking tools are axes, but the category also includes sledgehammers, splitting mauls, etc. … While both are useful tools, most firefighters prefer the flat head, especially as it relates to forcible entry.

Do firefighters carry an axe?

Fire axes are among the most common firefighting tools. There are various types of firefighter axes; the two most used are the flat head fire axe and the pick head fire ax. Either can be used for smashing windows or doors to gain entry, or to chop holes in a roof for ventilation.

What is a fireman’s axe called?

The Pulaski was created in the years just following the 1910 Big Burn by U.S. Forest Service Ranger Ed Pulaski, and it continues to be used by wildland firefighters to this day. The tool is a combination of a fire axe and an adze (or hoe), allowing firefighters to chop or dig with the flip of a wrist.

What tools do firemen use?


  • Halligans / Pry Tools »
  • Fire Department Hooks »
  • Fire Department Axes »
  • Shovels/Brooms/Rakes »
  • Rescue Tools »
  • Forcible Entry Tools »
  • Wildland Tools »
  • Spanner and Hydrant Wrenches »

What is a fire axe made of?

At first glance it may appear that these are presentation axes, but nothing can be farther from the truth… These axes are made to be abused! The axe heads are made from high grade tool steel, heat treated and polished (not chrome plated.)

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Why do hotshots wear yellow?

To find out what Paul and Tess are wearing, click on the gear list below. A wildland firefighter’s standard-issue fire shirt is made of fire-resistant Nomex material and is always bright yellow for easy visibility.

How heavy is a firefighter axe?

The Halligan tool comes in two sizes – 30 inches, weighing 10.5 pounds, and 36 inches, weighing 12 pounds. It allows every firefighter force entry, rescue and ventilate without waiting for help.

How much does an ax cost?

Axes can cost anything from $15 to $200, with the average price being about $40. The price depends on the axe type, not to mention its function and also the brand.

Why is it called a fire axe?

Ed Pulaski’s experience on the frontline of a forest fire helped him to realize the need for a hand axe that could chop wood as well as dig up root-bound soil. … The Pulaski fire axe that earned its name through Ed Pulaski’s efforts to make firefighting safer is also our ideal camping axe.

Who invented the fire axe?

Ed Pulaski was famous for taking action to save the lives of a crew of 45 firefighters during the disastrous August 1910 wildfires in Idaho. His invention (or reinvention) of the tool that bears his name may have been a direct result of the disaster, as he saw the need for better firefighting tools.

Why do firefighters carry clamps?

That’s four wedges. (3) Using a clamp to wedge a door open is faster than using a wedge. … The exit door to the sidewalk, always locked from the outside for security, needs to be wedged open so firefighters can advance hoselines into the stairwell.

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Is a fire hydrant?

A fire hydrant or firecock (archaic) is a connection point by which firefighters can tap into a water supply. It is a component of active fire protection. Underground fire hydrants have been used in Europe and Asia since at least the 18th century.