Frequent question: What is tamper seal in fire extinguisher?

Does a fire extinguisher need a tamper seal?

Fire extinguisher tamper seals, also known as tamper ties, are an essential component of a fire extinguisher and must be installed on all rechargeable fire extinguishers to be in compliance with fire safety regulations according to National Fire Protection Association standards (NFPA 10(98), Sec. 4-4.2. 1).

Where is the tamper seal on a fire extinguisher?

It’s the safety tamper seal that plays a very important role in ensuring that the fire extinguisher is safe and ready to go in the event of a fire. Fire extinguisher tamper seals are plastic strips that are 9” to 10“ long and wrap around the safety pin of a fire extinguisher to ensure that the pin doesn’t drop out.

What happens if you tamper with a fire extinguisher?

A person violates this law if he/she tampers with or breaks a fire alarm or fire protection equipment (such as fire extinguishers), triggers a false fire alarm, or makes a false report of a fire. The offense is a misdemeanor punishable by up to 1 year in jail and fines of up to $1000.00.

How much pressure does it take to break the tamper seal on the pin of the fire extinguisher?

Corrective action is required, if problems associated with pin removal are found. NFPA 10 requires the following: Simply put, tamper seals are required to be manufactured and listed to strict UL standards and break with a maximum force of 15 lb, when the pull pin is removed.

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Do you remove white tag from fire extinguisher?

@Monso: if you are using this extinguisher at home, then it is Ok to remove an inspection tag. If this extinguisher is not in a home, I would leave the tag.