Quick Answer: When should a fire extinguisher be serviced?

NFPA 10 requires extinguishers be inspected when they are initially installed and once a month after that. You should inspect extinguishers more frequently if they are installed in locations where they are more prone to rust, impact or tampering.

How often should a fire extinguisher be serviced by expert?

You must have your fire extinguishers serviced, every 12 months – this is what’s known as a “basic service” and needs to be done in accordance with BS 5036-6. This service is best done by a third party accredited fire extinguisher technician, with the correct tools, training and experience.

Do fire extinguishers need to be checked annually?

Annual fire extinguisher checks

Every fire extinguisher must receive a basic service annually. This is to be carried out by a competent and trained professional service engineer.

How often should fire extinguishers be inspected and recharged?

Every 30 days: All types of fire extinguishers should be inspected. Every 1 year: All types of fire extinguishers should receive maintenance, and water (stored pressure) extinguishers require a recharge. Every 3 years: AFFF and FFFP (liquid charge type) extinguishers require recharging.

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How will you know if the fire extinguisher needs servicing?

Visually inspect your fire extinguishers at least once every month. … You should also check to see that the hoses on your fire extinguishers aren’t blocked and that the fire extinguishers are located in a place where people will be able to find them quickly and easily if a fire breaks out.

What is fire extinguisher maintenance?

Maintenance is a “thorough check” of the extinguisher. It is intended to give maximum assurance that an extinguisher will operate effectively and safely. It includes a thorough examination and any necessary repair, recharging or replacement. It will normally reveal the need for hydrostatic testing of an extinguisher.

Can you service a fire extinguisher?

Fire extinguishers require routine maintenance and service since different parts of the fire extinguisher need to be checked at different intervals. … Stored pressure extinguishers need service every 6 years. Every 12 years, a hydrostatic test is required for stored-pressure and cartridge operated extinguishers.

How often should fire extinguishers be visually inspected?

Portable extinguishers or hose used in lieu thereof under paragraph (d)(3) of this section shall be visually inspected monthly. The employer shall assure that portable fire extinguishers are subjected to an annual maintenance check. Stored pressure extinguishers do not require an internal examination.

What is 6 year fire extinguisher maintenance?

6 year maintenance is required for all extinguishers which are subject to the 12 year hydrostatic test. This includes most stored-pressure extinguishers which can be recharged. If the extinguisher passes the six year inspection, a label needs to be affixed to the unit stating that the extinguisher has been inspected.

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How do you recertify a fire extinguisher?

When it is determined that a fire extinguisher needs to be recharged, call a fire extinguisher servicing company to have it done. They will send a trained technician to service your extinguishers on-site or take them to a facility to perform the required maintenance.

How do you know when a fire extinguisher expires?

To find out the age of an extinguisher you need to look for dates stamped on the cylinder body, printed on the extinguisher label or printed on the extinguisher itself. Sometimes the date stamp is hidden under the plastic ring around the neck of an extinguisher or under the plastic boot of the extinguisher.

How do you inspect and maintain a fire extinguisher?

Visually inspect all extinguishers monthly

  1. Make sure the extinguisher is easily accessible and not obstructed.
  2. Check for any damage like dents, cracks or rust to the outside of the extinguisher.
  3. If the extinguisher is equipped with a gauge, make sure the needle is pointing to the green “charged” portion of the dial.

How often should fire extinguisher be refilled?

Fire Extinguishers need to be emptied, pressure tested and refilled every five years. Depending on the type of fire extinguisher, other servicing requirements may be required every 3 to 5 years.

What is the first item you should inspect when servicing a fire extinguisher?

Examine the extinguisher for obvious physical damage, corrosion, leakage, or clogged nozzle. Confirm the pressure gauge or indicator is in the operable range or position, and lift the extinguisher to ensure it is still full. Make sure the operating instructions on the nameplate are legible and facing outward.

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