What did Montag steal from the burning house?

Later, when the firefighters are dispatched to burn down the house of an elderly lady, Montag steals her Bible—an act that he believes his hand has performed on its own—and the woman chooses to die with her books in her possession.

What does Montag steal from the fire?

Montag steals books because, like every fire man at some point, is curious and fascinated, but he also steals books because he understands their value when he sees a woman who was willing to burn with her book.

What did Montag take from the burning house?

Later, when the firemen are sent to burn down the house of an elderly woman, Montag takes her Bible—an act that he thinks his hand has undertaken on its own—and the woman chooses to die with her books.

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What does Montag steal before the fire starts at the old woman’s house?

Montag needed a duplicate copy of the stolen book. (bible) he also wanted to learn more abt books.

What does Montag steal and keep hidden from other firefighters?

He asks if firemen ever prevented fires, and two other firemen take out their rule books and show him where it says the Firemen of America were established in 1790 by Benjamin Franklin to burn English-influenced books. … A book falls into Montag’s hand, and without thinking he hides it beneath his coat.

What particular book did we find out Montag had stolen from the old lady’s house?

Fahrenheit 451 discussion. On page 78, Montag grips the book he has “stolen” and holds onto it with dear life. He want to memorize the book – the Bible – so that, should it be destroyed, he will retain the knowledge contained therein.

Who burns Montag’s house?

Beatty orders Montag to burn the house by himself with his flamethrower and warns that the Hound is on the watch for him if he tries to escape.

How does Montag feel as he is destroying his own house?

When forced to burn his own house by Chief Beatty, Montag feels conflicting emotions. He is sorry to burn the books, sorry to burn his house itself in some ways because it still has happy memories for him. … He reads books, and so much that he actually memorizes them.

When did Montag burn his own house down?

By the time the burning house falls down, it’s 3:30 in the morning. The firemen, including the Captain Beatty, are standing outside watching it fall. Montag asks the Captain if his wife was the one to turn in the alarm.

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What smell makes Montag vomit?

Montag is sick the next morning, and the omnipresent stink of kerosene makes him vomit. He tells Mildred about burning the old woman and asks her if she would mind if he gave up his job for a while.

What happens when the woman refuses to leave her house so the fireman can burn her books?

What happens to the old woman whose house is burned by the firemen? She refuses to leave and dies in the fire.

Why does Montag think the fires are always at night?

The fire alarms always come at night because a fire burning at night gets more attention. In Montag’s world, firemen don’t put out fires. … Alarms are set off by neighbors who suspect books, and naturally they would want to see the fire in all its glory, so they set the alarm off at night.

What page does Montag burn the lady?

Mildred is schocked he is ill. Page 47, Montag remembers burning the book and the woman in her house.

What does Faber reveal about the book Montag steals?

Faber gave him his contact information just in case. Montag calls Faber and asks him if there are copies of the BIble left in the world. Faber refuses to answer him over the phone. Montag sees that the book he stole from the woman’s attic is the Bible, which means it might be the last copy of the Bible in the world.