What do I need to start a campfire?

What do you use to start a campfire?

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Tinder—the smallest and easiest burning materials used to get a campfire started. …
  2. Kindling—the next step up in size. …
  3. Firewood—the crown of an inviting campfire. …
  4. Matches or a lighter—how else are you going to get your campfire started? …
  5. The Teepee Fire: This style is good for cooking.

What materials do you need to start a fire?

You need three types of materials to build a fire – tinder, kindling and fuel. Tinder is dry material that ignites with little heat – a spark starts a fire. The tinder must be absolutely dry to be sure just a spark will ignite it. If you only have a device that generates sparks, charred cloth will be almost essential.

What is the best accelerant to start a bonfire?

Insert a Long-handled Match or Lighter

Some bonfire builders use kerosene as an accelerant, particularly if your wood is wet. That’s your choice, but take note and never use gasoline — there’s just no need.

Do you need kindling to start a fire?

Kindling is an essential part of building a fire in an open fireplace. The kindling helps to transfer the flames from the fire starter, such as newspaper or firelighters, to the logs more effectively.

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