Do firefighters make good money in Florida?

Do firefighters get paid well in Florida?

The average salary for a firefighter in Florida is around $53,340 per year.

Firefighter salary by state.

State Name Average Salary
Delaware $46,960
Florida $53,340
Georgia $37,240
Hawaii $56,015

What is the highest paid fire department in Florida?

Highest paying cities for Firefighters in Florida

  • Saint Augustine, FL. $88,954 per year. 6 salaries reported.
  • Key West, FL. $77,443 per year. 5 salaries reported.
  • Panama City Beach, FL. $51,136 per year. …
  • Naval Air Station Jacksonville, FL. $50,103 per year. …
  • Winter Haven, FL. $47,975 per year. …
  • Show more nearby cities.

How much money does a firefighter make in Florida?

Most common benefits

The average salary for a firefighter/paramedic is $55,450 per year in Florida. 52 salaries reported, updated at January 20, 2022.

What is the highest paying state for firefighters?

Geographic profile for Firefighters:

State Employment (1) Hourly mean wage
California 32,600 $ 41.76
Washington 6,520 $ 37.36
New York 14,200 $ 37.20
Hawaii 1,810 $ 32.97
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Do firemen make good money?

As you can see, California has some of the highest paying firefighters jobs, mostly because these are some of the most expensive cities to live in.

Here is a graph with the average firefighter salaries in the top 10 highest paying states in 2017:

State Mean Salary
California $73,860
New York $70,560

How much does a rookie firefighter make in Florida?

Entry-level firefighters pay is approximately $29,000 per annum, while junior level firefighters get paid an average salary of $36,500 per annum. Experienced firefighters get the annual salary of $48,500, senior most earn $63,000 per annum and top end firefighters receive an average median salary of $77,000 annually.

Who earns more a firefighter or police officer?

Both firefighters and police officers get an average salary of around $40,000-$50,000 with police officers getting paid slightly more. However, the hikes in the salary are considerably higher for firefighters.

What jobs make the most money in Florida?

25 jobs in Florida that pay well

  • Chief executive officer. …
  • Orthodontist. …
  • General internist. …
  • Obstetrician and gynecologist. …
  • Surgeon. …
  • Psychiatrist. Florida average salary: $237,706 per year. …
  • Certified nurse anesthetist. Florida average salary: $243,663 per year. …
  • Anesthesiologist. Florida average salary: $317,478 per year.

How much does the Fire Academy cost in Florida?

Estimated Expenses for Fire Rescue Institute Programs

Fee Cost
Registration and Special Fees for Florida Resident for:
Fire Fighter I (Minimum Standards) $987.77
Fire Fighter II (Minimum Standards) $2010.23
Materials (books, uniforms, materials, certification exams):

Where are the highest paid firefighters?

Best-Paying States for Firefighters

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The states and districts that pay Firefighters the highest mean salary are New Jersey ($86,880), California ($86,860), Washington ($77,700), New York ($77,380), and Hawaii ($68,590).

How much does a firefighter EMT make in Florida?

Most common benefits

The average salary for a firefighter/emt is $44,462 per year in Florida. 64 salaries reported, updated at January 20, 2022.

Is a fireman a good job?

Firefighting is a rewarding career that offers a very high level of job satisfaction. Being a firefighter is a great job if you enjoy helping people and serving your community, but be aware that it can be demanding, stressful, and even dangerous at times.

How can a firefighter make more money?

As a firefighter, the skills you have are your best assets to earn extra income. You can take advantage of your skills by offering paid courses and training related to your job. For instance, if you have learned skills that you have acquired in your training as a firefighter, these can be profitable.

How many days a week do firefighters work?

Working hours

You’ll usually work 40 to 48 hours a week in a shift pattern. Most firefighters work two day shifts followed by two night shifts, before having four days off. However, different services employ different duty systems, depending on their needs.