How did Montag and Faber decide to undermine the firefighters?

Under Faber’s tutelage, Montag plans to sabotage the firemen: he plans to plant books in firemens’ houses to make them look like dangerous radicals and traitors. That way, he hopes to undermine the firemens’ position in the system.

What did Faber and Montag do to the firemen?

Montag and Faber come up with a plan to repopulate the world with books. They will plant books in the homes of the firemen themselves. Eventually, all the firemen and all the firehouses will be burned.

What does Montag suggest they do to get rid of the firemen?

What does Montag suggest they do to get rid of the firemen? Plant books in fireman’s houses and accuse them of illegal reading. … He starts ripping out the pages in the book that he is holding.

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What plan do Montag and Faber stumble into through discussion as the way to end the war against books?

Black’s house will be burned. Together, Montag and Faber make their plans for escape. Faber tells Montag to try the river. If he can cross it, he should make his way down the railroad tracks leading out of the city.

What did Montag and Faber do?

Montag and Faber consider ideas such as planting books in the homes of firemen and printing books for others, but before they are able to act on them, Montag is caught and forced to torch his own home.

What does Faber give to Montag?

Faber explains that the people don’t want books, and besides, it isn’t books that are important, it’s the information they contain. He gives Montag a two-way radio earpiece and tells him he’ll contact his former book-printing buddy.

Why does Faber think Montag’s plan won’t work?

Why does Faber say Montag’s plan won’t work? Because there aren’t enough people to trust and people won’t be receptive to it. We had books once before and we destroyed them.

How does Montag get Faber to agree to help him?

How did Montag finally get Faber to consider really helping him? He got Faber to help by tearing out the pages in the bible. T/F: Faber reminded Montag that people who are having fun are reluctant to become rebels. Yes, this is true, since Faber had said, “So few want to be rebels any more.

How does Faber react to Montag’s initial request?

How did Faber react to Montag’s initial phone call? both hear and speak to Montag.

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What does Montag do when Faber refuses to help him?

When Faber refuses to help Montag, what does Montag do? he started tearing pages out of the book.

What plan of action do Montag and Faber accidentally came up with?

They will plant books in the fireman’s houses and then turn in alarms against the firemen. They will memorize the books instead of printing them.

What plan does Montag propose to Faber for rebelling against the government?

As if responding to Faber’s pessimism, Montag presents Faber with an insidious plan that entails hiding books in the homes of firemen so even they will become suspect. Ultimately, through supposed treason, the firehouses themselves will burn.

On what plan do Montag and Faber ultimately agree?

Montag and Faber agree to wait for the impending war to disrupt television shows and other such entertainment. They believe that the reintroduction of books will be possible once destruction has become widespread. In the meantime, Faber plans to speak with a retired printer who can help him print copies of books.

How does Faber manipulate Montag?

His control over Montag may not be as complete and menacing as Beatty’s, but he does manipulate Montag via his two-way radio to accomplish the things his cowardice has prevented him from doing himself, acting as the brain directing Montag’s body.

What would Faber like to see happen to the firemen?

What would faber like to see happen to the firemen? Faber would like to see the firemen caught with books in their house. … Montag eventually tries to memorize the book of Ecclesiastes and Revelations.

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