How does Montag feel about burning his house?

In Fahrenheit 451, Montag’s feelings about burning his own house are conflicted. However, as he directs the flamethrower against his possessions, he feels an overwhelming sense of relief and catharsis in destroying the evidence of a compromised past and an unhappy marriage.

How does Montag feel as he watches his house burn down?

When forced to burn his own house by Chief Beatty, Montag feels conflicting emotions. He is sorry to burn the books, sorry to burn his house itself in some ways because it still has happy memories for him. … He reads books, and so much that he actually memorizes them.

Why does Montag burn down his own house?

Why did Montag burn his house down? Montag ultimately decides that Beatty provoked him by arming him with a flamethrower and having him burn his house because Beatty had a death wish and hoped for Montag to kill him: Beatty had wanted to die.

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Why did Beatty make Montag burn down his house?

Answers 1. Beatty wants to challenge Montag to his core, telling him that Mildred and his neighbors betrayed him. In ordering him to destroy his own home, Beatty feels that he will have totally destroyed the tiniest flicker of counter-cultural tendency in Montag’s attitude and character.

When did Montag burn his own house down?

By the time the burning house falls down, it’s 3:30 in the morning. The firemen, including the Captain Beatty, are standing outside watching it fall. Montag asks the Captain if his wife was the one to turn in the alarm.

What does Montag decide to do after his house is burned?

What does Montag decide to do after his house is burned? Run away and live off the land.

Why does Beatty want Montag to wield the flame thrower to destroy his own house and why does Montag acquiesce?

Why does Beatty want Montag to wield the flamethrower to destroy his own house and why does Montag acquiesce? Beatty wanted him to pay for what had happened and Guy did it to get rid of the emptiness. Almost without knowing it, Montag’s hands switch off the safety on the flamethrower aimed at Beatty.

What is the last thing Montag burns?

What is the last thing that Montag burns? The parlor walls are the last to go.

What did Montag burn first?

What objects does Montag burn first? the bedroom, the twin beds, the bedroom walls, the cosmetic chest. … Montag burns him with the flamethrower and kills him.

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What does Montag do at the house of Mrs Black?

After he is outed as a reader and book-owner, Montag hides his few remaining books in Mrs. Black’s house in order to misdirect his pursuers.

What does Beatty find after he hits Montag?

What did Beatty discover when he hit Montag? Because of the discovery, what did he threaten to do? He found the green bullet. He threatens to trace Faber with it.

What made Montag vomit *?

Montag is sick the next morning, and the omnipresent stink of kerosene makes him vomit. He tells Mildred about burning the old woman and asks her if she would mind if he gave up his job for a while.

What is Montag burning and how does he feel about it?

What is Montag burning and how does he feel about it? Use text to support. A pile of books on the porch and lawn, he loves the way thing look when they burn and the way he feels when burns them.

What is significant about Montag imagines for Millie?

Montag imagines that just before her death, Millie finally sees and knows for herself how superficial and empty her life has been. And, in that instant, Montag recalls when he met her: “A long time ago” in Chicago. His former life seems like only a dream.