Quick Answer: Are you allowed to overtake a fire engine?

Advice online says you should not break the law to make way for police, fire and ambulance vehicles – this includes entering bus lanes or running red lights. Do not try to speed or outrun an emergency vehicle, only allow the emergency vehicle to overtake only when there is space to do so and it is safe.

Can you overtake a fire engine?

Is it OK to overtake a fire engine on a motorway? Anyone know? Of course it’s OK as long as you don’t obstruct them. Don’t see why not, as long as you’re not impeeding it’s progress in any way.

Are you allowed to overtake an ambulance?

Solid white lines

On a road with a solid white line system, an ambulance will probably switch off its siren as it follows you. This is because overtaking is not allowed. So keep going – at the speed limit if it’s safe – until you’re clear of the solid white lines.

Can fire trucks go over the speed limit?

Firefighters can travel at any speed they deem safe, based on the time of day, traffic and road conditions. … Firetrucks would be prohibited from going more than 10 mph above the posted speed limit.

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Can you overtake an ambulance UK?

The short answer is there’s no law in the UK to stop you overtaking an ambulance. If it’s going fast with blue lights you’ll probably be speeding. But, if as you say it’s going slowly, then yes you can overtake.

Is it illegal to overtake an emergency vehicle?

Do not try to speed or outrun an emergency vehicle, only allow the emergency vehicle to overtake only when there is space to do so and it is safe. If you are in a one-way street or a road where the other lane is blocked, you should continue at a reasonable speed as the emergency vehicle follow until you can pull over.

When you shouldn’t let an emergency vehicle overtake?

Double white lines signify a stretch of road where it is unsuitable to overtake and that applies just as much to emergency vehicles as to the rest of us. If you are being followed along such a stretch by an emergency vehicle its driver will probably switch off their siren to indicate they are not going to try to pass.

Is it illegal to follow an ambulance through traffic UK?

It is not illegal to follow an ambulance as long as you follow all traffic regulations.

How much clearance does a fire truck need?

The minimum 20 ft (6.1 m) width allows for two-way vehicular traffic and for one fire apparatus vehicle to pass while another is working at a fire hydrant or conducting aerial operations while the 13.5 ft (4.1 m) vertical clearance ensures that fire apparatus can safely pass under power lines, bridges, and other …

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Are fire engines speed restricted UK?

Services currently exempt from speed limits include police, the UK Fire Service, ambulance services and the Serious Organised Crime Agency (shortly to be replaced by the National Crime Agency).

Can firefighters speed?

Courtesy lights are used to request right-of-way primarily by volunteer or on-call firefighters and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) to expedite their drive in their privately owned vehicles, to their firehouse or base.