What color are fire extinguishers in the UK?

All new fire extinguishers in the UK are painted with a rich red colour, which is referred to as Signal Red. The colour codes are on the label.

What color are fire extinguishers?

What do the different fire extinguisher colour mean and how are they used for?

Colour Type Class of fire
Red Water A
Blue Dry powder A, B, C, D Electrical
Cream Foam A, B
Black Carbon dioxide B, electrical

Do fire extinguishers have to be red UK?

Part 16.1 of the Standard states that, in order for a fire extinguisher to be BS EN3 approved, 95% of the body of the fire extinguisher must be red. Therefore, chrome fire extinguishers fall outside of the scope of BS EN 3 and are not compliant.

How are fire extinguishers colour coded?

Water fire extinguishers are colour coded red. Foam fire extinguishers are colour coded in cream. Powder fire extinguishers are colour coded with blue. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are colour coded with black.

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What is the British standard for fire extinguishers?

The UK servicing standard BS 5306-3 puts the responsibility on the user (i.e. the company) to use a competent person to perform the annual inspections, install, commission (skilled checks made to the extinguisher on-site), service and test discharge fire extinguishers.

What is a yellow fire extinguisher?

Wet Chemical fire extinguishers have a yellow label and are designed specifically for use on fires involving combustible cooking media such as burning oil and fat. They have a class F rating and a special lance applicator nozzle.

What is a white fire extinguisher?

BE White Extinguisher

This type of white fire extinguisher contains a dry chemical that can put out class B, C, E, and F fires. That is fires that involve flammable and combustible liquids, flammable gasses, energised electrical equipment, and cooking oils and fats.

What is the green fire extinguisher used for?

Fire extinguishers colour-coded green are vapourising liquids (Halons) and have been illegal, with some exceptions like aircraft and the military, since the end of 2003 as the result of the Montreal protocol.

What color is a Class D fire extinguisher?

Class D – Combustible metals

A Class D fire involves combustible metals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, and titanium. It takes special extinguishing agents (Metal-X, foam) to fight such a fire. The background of the symbol will be either Metallic or Yellow, if in color.

What color is a Class K fire extinguisher?

Class K fire extinguishers are for fires that involve cooking oils, trans-fats, or fats in cooking appliances and are typically found in restaurant and cafeteria kitchens. The geometric symbol indicating Class K is a black hexagon.

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Do fire extinguishers have to be red?

All fire extinguishers must be painted signal red. Except for water extinguishers, each extinguisher has a coloured band near the top, covering at least 10% of the extinguisher’s body length, specifying its contents.

How many types of fire are classified in the UK?

There exists five different classes of fire and each is distinguished by the type of fuel keeping the fire alight. In the United Kingdom this standard is defined in the European Standard ‘Classification of Fires’.

What is the difference between red and green fire extinguisher?

A small coloured band indicates the type of fire extinguisher – red for water, white and red for water mist, cream for foam, blue for dry powder, yellow for wet chemical, green for clean agent and black for CO2 extinguishers.

Why are fire extinguishers red?

Carbon dioxide or dry chemical extinguishers for Class B and C fires: Water is not effective for putting out fires caused by flammable liquids or electrical equipment. … These fire extinguishers are the signature red color you’re most familiar with and weigh between 5 and 20 pounds.

What does a blue circle mean in fire safety?

Blue circular signs are used to indicate mandatory actions in relation to fire safety, e.g. ‘fire door keep shut’.

What colour are fire equipment signs?

Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals Regulations) 1996

Type Shape Colour
FIRE EQUIPMENT SIGNS These signs are used to indicate the location of fire equipment Rectangular or Circle Red with white symbols or text
Supplementary Information Signs Rectangular Green, Red, Yellow, with White or Black Text
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