Frequent question: What is a Type 1 firefighter?

The Firefighter Type 1 leads a small group (usually not more than seven members) and is responsible for their safety on wildland and prescribed fire incidents. The FFT1 supervises resources at the FFT2 level and reports to a Single Resource Crew Boss or other assigned supervisor.

What is a firefighter Type 2?

The “Firefighter Type 2 (Crewmember)” forms the backbone of our efforts to manage or suppress wildland fire. These entry-level positions frequently work long days in hot, smoky conditions to build fire lines across rugged terrain with hand tools and chainsaws.

What is the difference between a Type 1 and Type 2 firefighter?

So, what is the difference between firefighter 1 and 2? The difference lies in the amount of training hours as well as the topics covered. These topics include fire behavior, firefighting theory, practical training with tools, ladder training and many more.

What is a Type 3 firefighter?

Type 3. Extended initial attack on wildland fires. IC walks the line between a manager and a ‘doer’ Resources may vary from several single resources to several task forces or strike teams. Some Command/General Staff positions (ie, Division Supervisor, Unit Leader), may be filled.

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What is a Type 2 hand crew?

The Firefighter Type 2 (FFT2) serves on a hand crew, engine crew, or helitack crew, performing fire suppression and fuels management duties in adverse climate, fuel, and terrain conditions.

What type of crew is a hotshot?

Hotshot crews are the most highly trained, skilled and experienced type of handcrews. They are qualified to provide leadership for initial-attack and extended-attack on wildland fires. Hotshots are trained and equipped to work in remote areas for extended periods of time with minimal logistical support.

What is a Type 1 hotshot crew?

Type 1 are known as Interagency Hotshots Crews (IHC), faster production, highly skilled, extensive training, advanced qualifications, and arduous physical standards.

How many levels of firefighters are there?

There are 4 levels of Firefighter and up to two concurrent ALS functions (Firefighter/Medic; Firefighter/Paramedic) distinguished by the level of work performed and the qualifications of the employee. water rescues and rescues from hazardous sites such as auto accidents and collapsed buildings.

Can you take fire 1 online?

The NFPA 1001 Firefighter I online course is completed by using a home computer, textbook, and online supplemental material. … You will have 180-days to complete the online course.

How do I get Firefighter 2?

Students wishing to apply for California State Fire Marshal’s Office Firefighter I or II certification must meet the following criteria:

  1. Complete the required coursework as outlined by the State Fire Marshal’s Office.
  2. Work a minimum of either six months as a paid full-time firefighter or 12 months as a volunteer.

What is a Type 4 Incident Commander?

The Incident Commander Type 4 (ICT4) develops strategies and oversees the implementation of tactics, while providing for the safety of the public and all personnel assigned to the incident.

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What is a Type 4 fire incident?

Examples include a vehicle fire, an injured person, or a police traffic stop. Characteristics of a Type 4 Incident are as follows: Resources: Command Staff and General Staff functions are activated (only if needed). Several single resources are required to mitigate the incident.

What is a Type 5 incident fire?

The agency administrator is responsible for determining the complexity of a wildland fire incident and assigning qualified personnel to its management. … The Type 5 incident is the lowest level of complexity formally recognized in the Incident Command System (ICS); the Type 1 incident is the most complex.

What does a Handcrew do?

Handcrews are diverse teams of career and temporary wildland firefighters. The crews typically consist of 18 – 20 men and women but can also contain 4 to 6 and 8 to 10. These crews have the responsibilities of constructing firelines – strips of land cleared of flammable materials and dug down to mineral soil.

How do I start a hotshot crew?

The path to becoming a Hotshot can vary, but it typically includes experience as a Type-2 Firefighter on a Fire Engine Module, Type 2 Handcrew, Fire Use Module, or Helitack Crew with one of the Federal land management agencies (such as the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, or National Park Service).