How do you inspect a fire extinguisher OSHA?

Look for obvious signs of physical damage, such as corrosion, leakage, or dents. Check the pressure gauge to make sure the indicator is in the operating range. Make sure the pull-pin is not missing and the pull pin seal is intact. Verify the date of the last professional inspection.

Does OSHA require fire extinguisher inspections?

An employer must: Inspect, maintain, and test all portable fire extinguishers in the workplace. [29 CFR 1910.157(e)(1)] Visually inspect portable extinguishers or hoses monthly.

How often do fire extinguishers need to be inspected?

Water, foam, co2, wet chemical and powder fire extinguishers should be visually checked every month. These monthly checks are quick, easy to do and shouldn’t take up too much of your time.

How do fire inspectors ensure the fire extinguisher will work when needed?

Visual inspections are quick checks to ensure that the fire extinguisher is fully charged, in good operating condition and ready for use, should it be needed. During monthly inspections also check the surrounding area to ensure the fire extinguisher remains easily accessible in the event of an emergency.

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Should you test fire extinguisher?

As a rough guide, extinguishers should be discharge tested every 5 years for water, foam and powder and 10 years for CO2. Sometimes known as an extended service or, for CO2, an overhaul service. The test makes sure they actually work and are in good condition internally.

How do you tag a fire extinguisher?

The left side top number is the serial number of the extinguisher. Below the number will be a name and number stamp. The name should read the first and last name of the person who conducted the service. That technician’s state id number is located below the name.

How do you recertify a fire extinguisher?

When it is determined that a fire extinguisher needs to be recharged, call a fire extinguisher servicing company to have it done. They will send a trained technician to service your extinguishers on-site or take them to a facility to perform the required maintenance.

What type of test normally performs on an extinguisher?

Hydrostatic testing is a way to test the fire extinguisher tank for leaks and overall strength. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) publishes rules for how often portable fire extinguishers must be tested.

What does OSHA say about fire extinguishers?

OSHA requires a minimum-rated 10B fire extinguisher be provided within 50 feet of the point of job site use of more than 5 gallons of flammable or combustible liquids or 5 pounds of flammable gas.

Should fire extinguishers be tested weekly?

While maintenance and servicing need to be carried out once per year, you do need to conduct a visual inspection of your fire extinguisher once per month.

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How do you check the date on a fire extinguisher?

To find out the age of an extinguisher you need to look for dates stamped on the cylinder body, printed on the extinguisher label or printed on the extinguisher itself. Sometimes the date stamp is hidden under the plastic ring around the neck of an extinguisher or under the plastic boot of the extinguisher.