How do you use a fire alarm pull station?

Fire alarm pull stations are typically red boxes that say “FIRE” at building exits and stairwell doors. In case of fire or smoke, pull it down as indicated to activate the building fire alarm system where provided.

What is the purpose of a pull station?

A pull station is basically a manual fire alarm that works due to human intervention. This pull station utilizes the alarm and sound system present in the building to alert people about a dangerous situation.

Where should a fire alarm pull station be placed?

NFPA 72 requires a pull station within 60 inches of every individual exit, and for groups of doors that are more than 40 feet wide away from each other, there must be a pull station on both sides of the grouping. The placement of fire alarm pull stations is critical to ensuring they provide the protection intended.

When should you pull a fire alarm?

If you smell or see smoke or fire, alert others in the nearby area, activate the fire alarm by pulling a fire alarm pull station and evacuate. WHEN A FIRE ALARM IS ACTIVATED EVACUATION IS MANDATORY!

Do fire alarm pull stations have to be red?

According to Koorsen, pull stations must be located within 200 ft of each other, and 60 inches from exits. … Additionally, a fire alarm pull station needs to be red and in a location that is completely unobstructed from obstacles. This way, anyone can access the pull station in an emergency.

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How do fire alarm boxes work?

Typically installed on street corners, they were the main means of summoning firefighters before the general availability of telephones. When the box is activated by turning a knob or pulling a hook, a spring-loaded wheel turns, tapping out a pulsed electrical signal corresponding to the box’s number.