Is code for fire hydrant valve?

Is code for hydrant valve?

Fire Hydrant Valve Export Data under HS Code 8481 with Price.

Is code for fire hydrants?

Fire hydrants, namely, stand post type, conforming to IS 908: 1975 and underground type conforming to IS 909: 1975 should be provided. For use in industrial establishment, only stand post type hydrants should be provided.

What type of valve is a fire hydrant?

Fire hydrant valves also known as landing valves and are used by the fire and emergency services and industrial fire departments to connect to the hydrant to access the water supply for firefighting.

Is code for fire pumps?


IS No. Title
5120 : 1977 Technical requirements for rotodynamic special purpose pumps (first revision)
6070 : 1983 Code of practice for selection, operation and maintenance of trailer fire pumps, portable pumps, water tenders and motor fire engines (first revision)

Is code for fire water?

In this revision the provision of external hydrant system etc, have been separated and are being covered in detail in a separate new Indian Standard aligning with the provision of internal type fire hydrant systems covered in IS 3844 : 1989 ‘Code of practice for installation and internal hydrants and hose-reel on …

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