When drying a rope firefighters should avoid?

When storing rope firefighters should?

store the rope in a dryer place, moisture is causing the slippage. cut off the end to pull off excess material. A.

What should firefighters avoid doing in order to prevent grinding dirt and debris into ropes?

firefighters should avoid _____ in order to prevent grinding dirt and debris into ropes. When drying a rope, firefighters should avoid: drying rope in the direct sunlight. Which of the following types of rope is the only rope required to have a rope log?

What should be done in order to ensure that ropes remain in good condition?

– Clean the rope with strong chemicals to remove grease. – coil the rope in the same direction every time. Keep all ropes away from rust.

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What information should be recorded in a rope log?

They should inventory the date the rope was used, the location, the type of use, any exposure, the dates of cleaning and inspection, and the name of each inspector. Most important, the log should record any unusual circumstances that occurred during use, such as damage, shock loads, or use over sharp edges.

Is life safety rope static or dynamic?

In 1998, the Cordage Institute published standard CI-1801 Low Stretch and Static Kernmantle Life Safety Rope, which defined a static rope as having a maximum 6% elongation at 10% of the rope’s minimum breaking strength (MBS).

What type of rope may be melted to prevent the ends from unwinding?

Nylon cord is the easiest to fix when frayed, as it’s made of plastic and melts easily. Before applying heat, cut the frayed end of the nylon cord, so you have a clean end to work with. Next, simply apply the flame of a lighter to the end of the rope and move it around evenly.

What protects the core from abrasion in a Kernmantle rope?

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Which of the following types of rope is intended for self-rescue situations? A. Utility rope B. Escape rope C. Life safety rope D. Water rescue rope
In a kernmantle rope, the _____ protects the core from abrasion. A. sheath B. twisted fiber C. low stretch fiber D. overlapping strand

Which type of rope construction is used for life safety ropes?

Life Safety rope is defined as any rope used to support the weight of members or other persons during rescue, fire fighting, other emergency operations, or during training evolutions. Operations companies use ½” static kernmantle life safety rope for all operations level rescues.

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What protects the core of a Kernmantle rope?


Kernmantle – Kernmantle rope consists of twisted parallel fibers (the kern) surrounded by a tightly braided sheath (the mantle). The core fibers provide the majority (about 70%) of the rope’s strength. The sheath is tightly braided providing significantly higher abrasion resistance.

What should be done in order to ensure that ropes remain in good condition quizlet?

To ensure that rope stays in good working condition, it is important to: avoid abrasion and unnecessary wear. What is a guideline for hoisting a hoseline?

How do you dry rescue rope?

Rinse off any excess dirt with a hose. Then soak the rope for about 30 minutes in a plastic tub of water with a mild soap (not detergent) added. Rinse the rope by pulling it through a rope washer twice. Then hang the rope in a cool, shady place to dry.

What specific actions can firefighters take to care for rope?

Protect the rope from heat, chemicals, and flames. Protect the rope from rubbing against other rope. Protect the rope from prolonged exposure to sunlight. Follow the manufacturers recommendations.

What should be done if inspection on laid rope reveals that one rope has rot?

What should be done if inspection on laid rope reveals that one rope has rot? Select one: a. Cut off the rotten area of the rope before returning the remainder to service.

What is one disadvantage of synthetic fiber rope?

Synthetic fibres have the following disadvantages. Most fabrics made from synthetic fibres require careful ironing as they melt easily. Most fabrics made from synthetic fibres absorb very little moisture. They become sticky when the body sweats, which makes them uncomfortable to wear in hot weather.

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What should be used to clean synthetic fiber ropes?

Specifically, PMI has found that a mixture of 1 part household bleach (with active ingredient of Sodium hypochlorite at 5.25% concentration) with 9 parts room temperature tap water and a 10 minute or less exposure time, immediately followed by a thorough rinse of room temperature water appears not to cause any …