You asked: Are propane fire pits allowed in Burnaby?

Are propane fire pits allowed in Burnaby BC?

The City of Burnaby’s fire services bylaw allows natural gas or propane fuelled outdoor heating appliances to be used, such as umbrella style heaters, fire pits and fireplaces, provided they are Canadian Standards Association or Underwriters Laboratory of Canada approved and are used in accordance with the …

Is a propane fire pit considered an open fire?

The following are not considered to be an open fire: Propane or ethanol fireplaces. These facilities may be used in the event of a ban.

Can I have a fire pit in my backyard BC?

Natural Gas Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits Are Legal in BC

Wood-fuelled outdoor fires in your backyard or on your deck however, no matter how they are contained, are banned in most municipalities.

Are propane fires allowed in Vancouver?

In order to protect the environment and maintain the safety of Greater Vancouver residents, wood-burning appliances, such as chimneas and fire pits, are not allowed anywhere on private or public property. … However, gas and propane fire pits are perfectly legal and allowed in both Surrey and Vancouver.

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Are propane fire pits allowed in BC 2021?

Natural gas outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are legal in BC

Both natural gas fireplaces and fire pits are legal for use in BC, unlike wood-fuelled backyard fires which are banned in many municipalities.

Are propane fires allowed in BC?

The ban is not applicable to CSA-rated or ULC-rated cooking stoves that use gas, propane or briquettes, or to a portable campfire apparatus that uses briquettes, liquid or gaseous fuel, as long as the height of the flame is less than 15 centimetres – so you’re still good to cook while camping this summer.

Can I have a propane fire pit on my balcony?

Fire Prevention Act says propane or charcoal barbecues should be at least 10 feet out from the building. … The Fire Prevention Act says that propane or charcoal barbecues aren’t allowed on apartment balconies with an overhang and should be at least 10 feet out from the building.

What is considered to be an open fire?

An open fire is a fire in which material is burned in an open, outdoor area or in a receptacle without a stack or chimney.

Are propane fire pits allowed in Abbotsford?

A burning ban prohibits backyard fires in Abbotsford. … Camp fires, backyard fire pits, burn barrels and portable fireplaces are banned throughout the year. However, outdoor barbecues which use charcoal briquettes, propane, or natural gas are permitted both during and outside of the ban period.

Are propane fire pits allowed in Kelowna?

Campfires and outdoor wood burning appliances are not permitted in the City of Kelowna, including fire pits, woodstoves, chimneys, and other appliances unless conditions are met as outlined in Bylaw 10760.

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Are propane fire pits allowed in Vancouver parks?

When fire hazard ratings are EXTREME, only propane barbecues are permitted in parks. Charcoal barbecues are prohibited even at designated picnic sites during EXTREME conditions. If you spot a fire, smell or see smoke, immediately call 9-1-1 and report your location.

Are outdoor fires allowed in Vancouver?

Recreational Fires

Yes. Recreational fires not wider than 3 feet or taller than 2 feet are allowed. Only firewood or charcoal may be used in a recreational fire. A permit is not required from the Vancouver Fire Marshal for a recreational fire.